Community-Led Growth: The Product-Led Growth Expansion Pack

So Why Now?

  • In the sales-driven world, you have to trust the salesperson.
  • In a Product-Led Growth world, you trust yourself to choose the best product.
  • In a Community-Led Growth world, buyers turn to their community of friends and peers for guidance.

Why Every Founder Should Think About Community-Led Growth

The Community-Led Growth Playbook

1. Start by creating a Community of Practice

  • Community of Product: Built around your product specifically, this primarily serves as a space for users to ask questions about your product, share insights with each other, and stay connected with the company.
  • Community of Practice: The idea of a community of practice was coined by Anthropologist Jean Lave and educational theorist Etienne Wenger in their book Situated Learning. A community of practice ties together members who share the common goal of learning about a specific field. Applied to the tech world, we’ve started seeing communities of practice grow significantly.
    Companies are embracing the idea of building something that spans larger than their own product, and instead aims to include all people within a role or space. For example, Funl created the RevOps Co-Op where anyone with a rev ops role can join; while being able to also learn about Funl’s GTM product specifically designed for those users. Similarly, Twine created a community for all CPOs, while selling CPO-specific software. This leads to a much larger community that is initially less focused on your specific product: it’s up to the community manager and sales team to elegantly make sure to engage about your product use cases and reach out to potential users directly when appropriate.

2. Reward Your Best Champions with Acknowledgment

3. Include Your Stakeholders in Company Content

4. Facilitate User-Generated Templates and Tutorials

With Great Community Comes Great Responsibility

  1. Next Gen Community Platforms: New community platforms (Slack 2.0) with differentiated use cases, higher functionality around content sharing, knowledge repositories, event planning, user onboarding, segmentation, Q&A, and much more. Meanwhile, large existing platforms will seek to expand their audience even inorganically, as we have seen Discord do with their acquisitions of two smaller startups Byte (video-focused communities) and Zyper (brand-centered communities).
  2. Community Data Analytics: Insight-mining, platform-agnostic software that integrates with all your community end points, and drives actionable workflows for your sales, success, support teams, product teams, etc. Mining for community data is a non-trivial problem, as there are dozens of sources to pull from, each with a large scale of data points, and where each user goes by a different name, has different types of behavior, and in many cases doesn’t communicate complete information. However it’s also a critical part of getting value from your community. The metrics you start tracking through these tools will be invaluable as you grow these channels. New tools like Common Room, which came out of stealth at the end of March, have come onto the market to enable organizations to see, understand, and analyze insights from their community data across channels, so they can deepen relationships with the people in their communities in relevant, personal ways — and manage their communities more effectively — across platforms like Twitter, Slack, GitHub, Intercom, Discourse, Discord, and more.




Focused on early stage B2B enterprise companies, looking to partner with founders and operators who want to build the future @CorinneMRiley

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Corinne Marie Riley

Corinne Marie Riley

Focused on early stage B2B enterprise companies, looking to partner with founders and operators who want to build the future @CorinneMRiley

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