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  • Antonio Rowry

    Antonio Rowry

    Building www.BlueStudios.io. Previously, BLUE1647 & @DePaulU. Building ventures that make the world better. Life plan = loop { create_value(); impact_lives(); }

  • Sanjeet Das

    Sanjeet Das

    VC Consultant @ AVG | Lead PM @ dscout

  • Angie C

    Angie C

  • Oluseyi Akinyode

    Oluseyi Akinyode

    Omo Naija | follower of Jesus | Kdrama fanatic | film & art lover | coffee addict | product enthusiast | getting lost to find myself

  • Alana Anderson

    Alana Anderson

    product person | software engineer | investor

  • Kevin Dykes

    Kevin Dykes

    Co-founder @ Port.dev, career B2B software entrepreneur, passionate about my daughters, #Techbikers & making great food — product leader, Austinite in Berlin

  • Elizabeth Kinsey

    Elizabeth Kinsey

    Avid baker/cook who nerds out on music and pop culture; might be overly enthusiastic about my cats. Likes things that involve making, software, and tech.

  • Sharozemalik


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